Welcome to Marimba Auto

Marimba Auto, LLC is a global supplier and manufacturer of Automotive products. With our vast experience and global presence we deliver good quality products at competitive pricing. We specialize in providing total product solutions to our Customers, by managing all aspects of the sourcing.

Aluminium Tube Machined Steel Rod Machined Welded Tube Bolts Cold Formed Machine Part Forged Machined Part Hexagonal Profile Rods Machined Brake Parts Machined Suspension Parts Plastic Fasteners Slide Blocks Stainless Steel Tubes Stamped Part Star Profile Rods Steel Tube Steering Column Tube Thick Wall Bushings Thin Wall Bushings Welded Drawn Tubes Aluminum Casting Hardboard Rubber Hoses Bronze Bushing Bearing Bushing Side Impact Tube Drive Shafts Crushed Tube